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Amargi Beyond Borders – Syria

Finally R E A D Y !!!

This is a link to a project which is about collecting basic aids for the Syrian refugees living among various camps on the Turkish border:


By the end of May, we will try to boot a container which from Italy, will reach by sea the coast of Turkey. The goal is to help displaced people on the borders and reach those trapped between the unless accessible areas in Syria. The container will carry clothing, shoes, blankets, mosquito nets, diapers, antibiotics, spray pesticides against malarial mosquitoes, drugs against leishmaniasis. Gas masks. School supplies. Toys.

You can help by: 

  • making a donation DIRECTLY to the project in Ulule (link above);
  • sharing and spreading the word.

Thank You for deeply for your attention and support. Please tell us if you liked the project!

Ottavia Massimo (President of Amargi –